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5 Tips to eat more Sustainably

Today we are becoming increasingly aware of the impact of our consumption pattern on the environment.

Today we are becoming increasingly aware of the impact of our consumption pattern on the environment. For example, meat has a major impact on the environment and you can opt for local products. This is important because as many as 20 to 35 percent of the environmental impact and CO2 emissions come from food. Moreover, more sustainable food is also healthier. How can you eat more sustainably? We give 5 tips.

1. Less animal and more vegetable

You hear it more often; try to eat less meat and more often opt for vegetable. The High Health Council therefore also recommends eating more plant-based foods and allowing animal products to stand more often. After all, it takes a lot of energy, water and resources to maintain animals, grow the feed and transport the end product.

2. Choose local products

Food that comes from the neighborhood has a lower environmental impact in terms of transport than products that have to come from far. Especially when it has to be flown in. Therefore choose where possible for local products. In this way you also support the entrepreneurs in the neighborhood.

3. Don't throw away too much

We all throw away a lot of food. This is because we buy too much and therefore we have food left over. Also food where the THT is exceeded (at least tenable until) does not necessarily have to be spoiled. By smelling, tasting and looking, you can determine whether the food is still edible. This does not apply to the TGT date (to be used until).

4. Cook seasonally

This applies in particular to fruit and vegetables. This is because many crops cannot be grown all year round, so a greenhouse is used for them or they are imported from abroad. Seasonal products therefore have a lower environmental impact. You can also opt for frozen products, for example. They are cooled, but the environmental impact is lower than when fruit and vegetables have to be flown in from other countries.

5. Choose water

Water simply comes from the tap and does not have to be imported. This does apply to wine, soft drinks or fruit juices. The coffee bean also comes from abroad, but the environmental impact is lower than with other drinks. Therefore choose water , coffee or tea as much as possible .

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